Mysa Setup Instructions

 Important:  If you are only going to read 5 sentences, make sure you read these 5:

1. Installation errors can cause device malfunction and loose connections can be fire hazards. Please consult an electrician.

2. Once you successfully pair a thermostat, there are few instances that warrant factory resets and re-pairing. Try a power cycle at the breaker or reach out to our support team (

3. Make sure you are connected to your home's 2.4 GHz WiFi-network during the pairing process. You can connect back to your 5 GHz network after pairing. (If you only have one network, disregard)

4. After pairing, the thermostat will update and take about 5 minutes before becoming responsive. You will see a spinning circle on the thermostat.

iOS users:

5. Mysa works best with the latest version of iOS and please make sure you have the latest version of Mysa app.

Pairing Resources

iOS App DownloadAndroid App Download

Walkthrough of Pairing Process for iOS Using HomeKit:

Walkthrough of Pairing Process for iOS Without Using HomeKit:

Walkthrough of Pairing Process for Android:

Installation Resources

Step-by-step InstructionsInstallation Video

Download the most recent version of the app:

Some Possible Errors and How to Troubleshoot Them

Mysa HomepageMysa Support

iOS Pairing Error Messages:

If you encounter either of these errors, factory reset the thermostat by holding down on the up and down arrows until the display blinks and restart your iOS device then try pairing again.

Android Pairing Error Message:

If you encounter this error, click try again and go through the pairing process again. If this still doesn't work you can troubleshoot the problem by going to the settings of your phone and forgetting the specific Mysa network as well as your home network (you can re-add it later).

Improvements You Can Expect In The Next Update

Improved connectivity
Better guidance through the pairing process
iPad-friendly version
Improved “Hold Till” functionality
Improved Vacation Mode
Improved global and granular settings

As with any product launch, there are some bugs and issues. Thanks to the feedback of our earliest customers we have identified most of them. For many issues and bugs we have already developed solutions and for  others, we have made significant progress.